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From the Laptop of Adam Dukes
Las Vegas, NV

Dear Fellow Dad, 

What you're about to discover is not the "sexiest", "flashiest" or "best kept guru secret". Not even close. 

You might hear people complain that "this takes a lot of work".

These same people are the ones wasting weeks, months or even years chasing one bright shiny object after another. Frantically searching for the next big thing. 

It's sad to see. 

If you want to know how to turn the knowledge in your head into cold hard cash, I have excellent news for you!

In just a few moments, I’ll spill the beans and reveal what is one of the easiest and quickest methods to write and publish an ebook in 48 hours or LESS.

Yes, that’s right.

Believe it or not, this is the shortest time you will need to be able to create an income producing asset that will sell like hotcakes, and people will snatch it from your hands! 

You See... Writing A Simple eBook That Works
for You 24/7/365 Is Not That Complicated!

I promise you, it’s not rocket science.

There’s no need to slave away in front of your laptop for endless days and nights or kill yourself trying to come up with that elusive “million-dollar idea.”

That’s pure baloney. 

You can build a wildly profitable online business that you're insanely proud of on the back of a simple little ebook. 

If you're ready to eliminate confusion, overwhelm and complexity...

Here are the 5 steps to do just that:

Step 1: Decide on the market you want to help.

Step 2: Write an ebook outlining your simple methodology/framework on a challenge you've conquered, an obstacle you've overcome or a problem you've solved. 

Step 3: Create content that educates, entertains, and/or elevates your market. 

Step 4: Create more offers that are positioned as solutions to their problems. 

Step 5: Pour gas on the first, as in, scale up your business with online advertising. 

If you ONLY focused on those 5 steps for the next 90 days, I guarantee you'd have the foundation for a multi-six figure business. 

Nothing Beats Publishing An eBook To Launch Your Online Business And Live The Life Of Your Dreams!

Now, I don’t want to insult your intelligence and tell you that you'll be sitting on the beach sipping a Mai Tai, pushing buttons on your laptop and money flooding into your bank account by next Tuesday.

I don’t roll like that.

It’s not my style to set ridiculous expectations.

If that's what you're after, just leave this page right now. I'm not here to waste your time.

You're a Dad, and your time is insanely valuable. 

 However, here’s the thing...

 When you publish an ebook, it’s 100% possible to pull life-changing profits... month in, month out.

 Your ebook acts as a "gateway" to your ecosystem where you can sell more books, trainings, courses, consulting, coaching, speaking, masterminds, retreats, etc. 

 Your ebook is the gateway, NOT the final destination. 

 Your ebook is designed to give your customer a quick win which is one of the absolute best ways to build an incredible amount of trust very quickly.

 When you help someone solve a problem they’ve been struggling with, the chances of them wanting to do more business (read: give you more money) with you skyrockets. 

 So, if this is what you truly want, all you have to do is follow a PROVEN and battlefield-tested blueprint.

 Fire up Microsoft Word...

 Do some typing... and you’ll be on your way to building a wildly profitable online business!

 The question is:

 Are you ready to finally level up your game and publish your money-generating ebook in 48 hours?

 Allow me to introduce you...


How You Can Create an 

Income Producing 

Asset In 48 Hours Or Less!

Last summer, I interviewed 50 Dads about starting an online business, I saw that there was a recurring pattern amongst most of them. 

They didn’t know exactly WHERE or HOW to start, and they were utterly terrified of failure. That’s when I decided to do something about it and created a no-frills, step-by-step guide called “Dadpreneur Freedom.” 

It’s a super simple read, and I reveal absolutely EVERYTHING I know about creating a sustainable, wildly profitable online business selling the knowledge in your head! 

This is the SAME plan that I follow when I create simple-to-write ebooks in 48 hours or less. 

And today, I’d like to share it with you, so that you can finally start paving the way to launching your own “online empire” that you'll be incredibly proud of!

Here is just a glimpse of what's inside:

That’s Not All! 

Here’s The Icing On The Cake: 3 Flagship, Mind-Blowing FREE Bonuses, But Only If You’re A Quick Action Taker)

Bonus #1 - Dadpreneur Freedom masterclass (Valued At $47, Yours Free)

Readers get access to my brand new online Masterclass that extracts the key insights from the book. This unreleased Masterclass is strictly for customers ONLY and every little detail is dissected for you to use for your own book!

Bonus #2 -- A Weekly Action Plan To Accomplishing Everything (Valued At $17, Yours Free)

This is a convenient spreadsheet that will come in handy if you’re unorganized, unfocused, or a serial procrastinator... You’ll become a laser-focused, unstoppable producer!

Bonus #3 -- Dream Lifestyle Training (Valued At $37, Yours Free)

When you decide to become a Dadprenuer, you have to determine what your lifestyle is going to look like, and do what’s necessary to get there. This hands-on, step-by-step training will help you accomplish that!


Have A Good Look At What Others Are Saying About “Dadpreneur Freedom!”

"Published his ebook in less than 9 hours"

Adam Dukes eBook “300 Extra” was just what I need to get moving quickly.  His easy to read and follow guide provided me with just the right amount of information and details to hit the ground running.  In less than 8 ½ hours, I had read his book, identified my subject, written my eBook, created my cover, and published online to begin selling.  I highly recommend Adam’s book for any newbie wanting to publish their first eBook.  Let your will to succeed be stronger than your excuses.

- Michael W.

"Perfect blueprint"

Excellent info in your ebook! Perfect blueprint. Thanks for the extra push I needed to finally put the pen to the pad.

- Taylor T.

"I was able to sell 7 copies my first day!"

How many times gave you heard someone say, “ I could write a book about ...... “ (enter your topic of interest)  That's how I felt about the Kettle Corn business. I wanted to write a book but I didn’t have a clue where to begin. Then I came across 300 Extra by Adam Dukes. Thanks to his instruction I was able to write and publish my first ebook! The process was clear and steps well laid out. Thanks to the resources he recommended, I was able to sell 7 copies my first day! No doubts I’m be writing another ebook in the near future. Thanks Adam for the great product!

- Rob S.

"You certainly gave me incentive"

It’s been rolling around in my head for quite a while, and I started doing this actual method back in April… but decided, thanks to you and your 300 extra guide, that it was time to get off the fence and write something to sell!

- Dave G.

My Crazy, Unprecedented “I’ll-Be-Your First-Customer” Guarantee!

To motivate you to take massive action, I’ll do something that very few people would do... 

I’ll personally BUY a copy of your ebook if you write it and publish it in 48 hours!. 

Yes, I’ll be your FIRST customer. 

This will help you to slash procrastination and give you the necessary confidence to get things done, and get started as soon as possible! 

The only condition is that your ebook is priced at $10 or less. 

That sounds like a great guarantee, right?

Here’s Where The Rubber Meets The Road.

Click The “Order Now” Button Right Now... And Get Immediate Access To “Dadpreneur Freedom” + Bonuses!

-- Only $7 --

As you can see, there are no excuses. 

I’m offering to you a solid, proven, and tested blueprint that you can put into use as soon as today. 

Seriously, it can’t get easier than this. 

Plus, the rock-bottom price of $7 makes this deal even sweeter. 

What are you waiting for ?

Take action right now, and get on board!

I promise you that you'll find TONS of value in my off-the-grid, step-by-step book PLUS the bonuses I mentioned before!

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