$100,000 in commissions in one month on Tik Tok (obscure niche)

On Saturdays, the kids & I go to Jiu Jitsu.

Ashton has a class at 9:15.

Ava’s class is at 10.

My class goes from 11 – 12:30.

Yesterday, I was chatting with a fellow Dad during the kids classes.

He’s a loan officer.

We somehow got on the topic of YouTube.

Him and his partner have a channel with 38,000 subscribers talking about mortgage, real estate, buying a house, etc.

He told me he closes 4 – 6 deals a month just from YouTube.

Most of his deals are out of state, too.

The power of the internet…

I asked if he was on Tik Tok.

He looked at me as if I had just stepped out of a spaceship with tentacles sticking out of my head.

I told him I follow a loan officer out of Baltimore who has half a million followers.

His Tik Toks are all about buying a home.

Typically, a boring ass topic.

However, he does a fantastic job of entertaining and educating his market at the same time.

Does he close more loans?

His comments are typically;

Are you licensed in Michigan?

Are you licensed in Georgia?

Are you licensed in Nevada?

He revealed he earned $100,000+ in commissions in the month of January alone.

When he jumped on Tik Tok, everyone in his office made fun of him. They told him it was for kids/teens to dance to the latest Drake song.

Luckily, all that advice went in one ear and out the other.

Now these same people are asking him for advice.

The lesson in all this is:

Don’t listen to the haters/doubters.

You’ll hear doubt from a lot of people.

Sadly, the doubt typically comes from those who are closest to you.

They want you to take the safe path. 

It’s not their fault either, as that’s just what’s been jammed down their throats.

That’s what they know, as that’s what they were taught.

Average mindset = Average results.

You’re on this email list for a reason.

And it ain’t because you’re average.

It’s because you want more.

More for yourself, your family and you community.

You’re built different.

Get out there and share your gift with the world!

The internet is waiting.

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